Partnership Snapshots
Why use an end-to-end platform?

A typical successful partnership program comprises a wide array and oftentimes, a large number of partners. Dealing with so many factors can result in a veritable juggling act when it comes to using the various systems needed to manage them . . . and what happens when one of those balls drop? That’s why you need an end-to-end system to handle your program.

In these short videos, businesses like Uber and eBay share how they gained an extra foothold by leveraging partnership automation to get a more holistic view of their program. With a platform that allows them to oversee their program from start to finish, they can be more efficient, keep their eyes out for fraud, and continuously optimize for better performance.

Snapshot videos


What are the most surprising things that you’ve learned about your program’s partnerships?
Angela Lyda, Director of Performance Marketing

How do you mitigate the risk of fraud?
Rich Lane, UK Lead Partner Network

What internal processes have you recently changed to update your partnership program maturity – and why?
Angela Lyda, Director of Performance Marketing

How does Uber structure its partnership program?
Angela Lyda, Director of Performance Marketing

What are the benefits of automation?
Oak Digital
Jana Banovska, Head of Affiliate
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