Insights from Impact Growth

Impact's annual thought leadership conference empowering personal and enterprise transformation, hosted annually in New York City.

Impact Growth 2019 brought top enterprises to the stage to discuss how they are leveraging a wide array of partnerships to optimize and grow their business. These innovators generously shared insights, advice, and so much more, all revealed here in these videos.

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Move Aside Sales and Marketing — Partnerships Are Now Driving Enterprise Growth

Presented by David A. Yovanno, CEO of Impact

Find out how enterprises that optimize their partnership channel—influencer, affiliate, B2B, and more—can seize an untapped opportunity to gain market advantage.

The Relationship between Partnership Program Maturity and Revenue Growth

Presented by Jay McBain, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Discover the astounding results that show how mature partnership programs can drive up to 28% of an enterprise’s revenue from Forrester’s new study commissioned by Impact.

Breaking the Mold — A Case for Modern Partnerships

Moderated by Ashley Parducci,  Head of Global Onboarding & Principal, Solution Architect at Impact, and featuring:
  • Cristina Arango, Director, Strategic Partnerships, fuboTV
  • Steven Chu, Senior Director, Content & Services at Samsung
  • Keith Posehn, Head of Performance Partnerships, Uber
This lively panel provides a first-hand look at how brands creating today’s most innovative B2B and premium publisher partnerships are benefitting—see how they do it.

You're Doing Partnerships Wrong

Moderated by Todd Crawford, Co-Founder of Impact, and featuring:
  • Aaron Weigum, Director, Performance Partnerships, ESPN+ (Disney Streaming)
  • Wade Tonkin, Senior Affiliate Manager, Fanatics
  • David Bakey, VP, Direct to Consumer, Harry's
If you still think of affiliate, influencer, and business development as separate ad hoc departments, you're doing partnerships all wrong. Find out how these top-growth brands leverage partnerships as a key growth driver.

Don't Get Catfished by Influencer Marketing

Presented by Mike Head, General Manager of the Partnership Cloud at Impact

The shiny newness of influencer marketing has catfished some enterprises with tempting promises but underwhelming performance—but you can keep that from happening. Find out how here.

Just the Two Thousand of Us

Managing and growing a large influencer program can be both rewarding and challenging. Discover how some brands are finding innovative ways to get more from their influencer programs without increasing complexity.

Moderated by Max Ciccotosto, Co-Founder, Mediarails by Impact and featuring:
  • Megan Crow, Senior Marketing Manager, Influencers & Collaborations, Purple
  • Kassidy Cook, Instagram Influencer
  • Jess Neistadt, YouTube Influencer
  • Hege Thorbjornsen, Consumer Marketing Manager, StitchFix

A Tale of Two Species: Adaptation and Survival in the Mobile Era

Presented by Brad Clenenden, Director of Technical Product Management at Impact

It's a mobile world—but fear of the complexities of the in-app universe has led to good specialization...and bad. Learn how to tell the difference here.

Partnership Perspectives, a Fireside Chat

Moderated by David A. Yovanno, CEO at Impact and featuring Michael Chua, Senior Director - Strategic Partnership Development at Ticketmaster.

Find out how this Ticketmaster trailblazer has harnessed partnerships and the partnership economy fully, integrating them into the very ways that make his organization tick.