A research report on eCommerce Influencer Marketing in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is on the brink of an influencer marketing revolution. The region's influencer marketing industry is estimated to grow beyond $2.59 billion by 2024, and we're only seeing the beginning. As advertising becomes more intertwined with relatable content and genuine narratives, influencers stand at the forefront as the modern-day storytellers of the digital age.

The question isn't if you should integrate influencer marketing in your growth and ecommerce strategy, but how.

In this report by Cube Asia and impact.com, we surveyed consumers, brands and influencers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam to discover:
  • The role of influencer marketing in eCommerce businesses
  • Consumer preferences in the types of influencers they follow
  • How brands work with influencers
  • Predictions for what’s next for influencer marketing
Dive into the latest insights on ecommerce influencer marketing in Southeast Asia today.