Partnerships Snapshots
How to shoot for the stars with partnerships

In the past, sales and marketing were the keys to business growth. However, consumer behavior has changed, and traditional channels no longer work, encouraging brands to explore new frontiers for success. Blaze the way with a more innovative and trustworthy solution — partnerships. Research shows that companies with well-developed partnership programs grow faster and outperform their low-maturity peers on several key business metrics.

These short videos explore how companies like Nectar,, Skyscanner, and Brand Collective lean on partnerships to grow revenue, increase brand awareness, and much more.

Snapshot videos


Why should businesses look into partnerships?
Brand Collective
Anna Samkova, Group GM for Digital and Marketing

What advice would you give those new to partnerships or launching a partnerships program?
Jenn Bentz, Director of Affiliate, Influencers, Partnerships

How do you leverage partnerships with a highly dynamic product?
Martin McGinnis, Senior Emerging Partnership Lead

Why do publishers value flexibility in their partnerships?
A360 Media
Kara Kamenec, Sr. Director, Ecommerce and Affiliate Marketing

What advice would you give to brands who want to expand their influencer programs?
Tori Detrick, Affiliate Director
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