Best practices for optimizing your partnerships

Partnerships provide a clear opportunity for growth, particularly if you effectively manage each stage of your partnership's life cycle. The finale in a six-part series, this ebook focuses on the “Optimize” stage of the life cycle.

At this stage of the life cycle, you’ve now identified the best partners, actively recruited, and done the work of onboarding and activation. Now you are ready to effectively optimize your program. But what do you need to capture as much of the massive revenue potential as possible?

In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • Three core steps on how to measure incremental value and work closely with your best-performing partners
  • Best practices for optimizing your partnerships
  • The different optimizing recommendations for content and affiliate, influencers, and mobile partners

Read this ebook and discover how to optimize your partnerships by measuring incremental value and fine-tune incentives to motivate your most promising partners.