Research report:
Commerce content providers and the new digital paradigm

Explore why publishers are embracing commerce content (and how you can too)

Advertising has failed publishers and their audiences, but an alternative business model has emerged that drives sustainable revenue, cash flow, and profitability. Plus, audiences love it. It’s commerce content, and 78% of digital media professionals expect it to drive a larger portion of their publishing revenue going forward.

Learn why it’s a business plan imperative

In this research report from FORTUNE Brand Studio and, you can read what 200+ digital media professionals and top industry experts from around the world are saying about the commerce content channel and where it’s headed.

Download the report for new data on:

  • How to differentiate your commerce content strategy and brand
  • Which skills contribute to success in commerce content
  • The top direct and indirect benefits publishers are seeing from commerce content
  • The importance of data, authenticity, and editorial independence
  • How different monetization models work