2021 Vendor Selection Matrix: Partnership automation

2021 Research in Action Vendor Selection Matrix™ report:
Partner management automation (PMA)

Why are businesses investing in partnership automation? This report analyzes the input of 1,500 technology users and analysts to provide a current picture of the PMA landscape, trends, and challenges.

With its expanded scope, this year’s report reflects the transformation of the partnership channel beyond resellers and distributors to include diverse partner types such as affiliates, referrers, associations, commerce content providers, communities, ambassadors, and more.

Key insights you’ll find inside include:
  • More than 30% of survey respondents say channel partners influence more than 25% of their business results
  • The most marketing-mature companies invest in full partnership automation, covering all types of partner relationships
  • Only a handful of technology platforms are equipped to cover the full requirements of partnership automation
  • As with most business technology, PMA solutions are transitioning from licensed models to SaaS

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