Best practices to protect and monitor your partnerships

All partnerships follow a six-stage life cycle — and when those stages are fully optimized, growth and revenue increase result. You start off with recruitment and contracting, setting up partners to share data, and then actively engaging with them through always-on communication. At this point in the life cycle, partnerships should be up and running, the next step is to protect and monitor your program.

But what does it take to protect yourself against fraud and keep partners aligned to your brand rules and guidelines?

This ebook focuses on the fifth stage of the life cycle, “Protect and Monitor,” where you'll learn:

  • Three core steps to protecting a partner program from fraud and presenting a brand in the best light
  • Best practices for protecting and monitoring your partnerships
  • The different protecting and monitoring recommendations for content and affiliate, influencers, and mobile partners

Read this ebook and discover how to defend your program from fraudsters and uphold your brand voice.