Big Red Group x Twilio Segment

Big Red Group, the largest experience marketing place in Australia and New Zealand, needed a solution that would help align its partnerships to its goals and audiences. It needed automation in order to accurately track its partners’ performances, find more diverse partners, and grow its program.

With the help of Twilio Segment, once BRG migrated to, it finally had the tools to diversify its partners and scale. The BRG team is now able to discover and work with a broad array of partnership types and measure and optimize the value of each one.

With’s technology, BRG has:

  • Increased ROAS +117% YoY due to more accurate attribution
  • Grown its number of partners 10x
  • Grown revenue from partnerships by 32% in just 5 months and actions by 26%
  • Onboarded new value-oriented partners, including travel sites, apps, large online publishers, and more
  • Learn exactly how BRG achieved these results in this case study.